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Angels Joining Forces is a non profit thrift store.   It is our mission to join forces and help cancer patients during the fight of their lives.  We are here to help lessen the financial strain that comes with having cancer. 



We rely heavily on volunteers. Angels Joining Forces has zero employees on payroll.   For details visit the store at 31040 Forest Blvd Stacy, MN 55079

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Michelle Bellin: “I met Amanda after my sister found her angels joining forces Facebook site and reached out to her. Amanda was an amazing help to my family when we found out my mom, Lila had squamous cell carcinoma.(cancer in her jawbone) My parents ran out of money quick since they were both out of work once my mom had her surgery to remove/reconstruct her lower jaw bone. Her lower leg bone was used in the reconstruction and she couldn't work. My father was on disability and couldn't work either. My mom had radiation done an hour away from home and needed money for gas. Amanda with angels joining forces gave us hope! She told us about how she raised money by having a cancer donation garage sale for her family member to help with bills. We were so excited to start finding donations. She even donated trucks and trailer loads full of items for our sale to raise money. She had been keeping storage units for these kind of cases until she could open her own store. Without angels joining forces my parents would have lost their home. I am truly grateful for everything she does and continues to do to help families who need it! We need more people like this is the world! Michelle” Tiffany Slattery “When we (my sisters and I) first found out our mother was diagnosed with cancer we were all stunned we couldn’t believe it, I reached out to Amanda with angels joining forces for help. At this point she she was just getting started and was limited with the help she could offer us, She gave us different resources and programs to get in touch with. Later on we got back in touch with Amanda looking for donations for a sale we were going to have for our mother. Amanda had so much more to offer us this time and was able to donate trucks and trailers of items to help with our sale for our mother. Without Amanda with angels joining forces we would have never had the strength or encouragement to get through this emotional time. Amanda with angels joining forces continued to check up with us about our mother as to how her progress was doing. We were able to help Amanda with angels joining forces out back by donation other items we had left over from our sale to her new store she had opened. Amanda with angels joining forces is amazing and would give anything she can to help in need!” Dustin Mollert “It takes courage, honor, belief and a lot of heart to dedicate this kinda time to accomplish these goals. I haven't been to this store yet but, my mother did a lot of raising money for cancer and lost her own battle to cancer a few years back. I appreciate what your doing! Keep up the great work! God bless.” Janice Reich “Wonderful! This woman has a great vision and I have no doubts that she will fulfill it. She is helping those affected by cancer on a grass roots level. This is a true non-profit, unlike the Goodwills and Savers, etc who operate under the public's assumption that they are non-profit, when in reality they are completely for-profit organizations, making millions and steadily raising prices on their goods. Angels Joining Forces has just started up, try to make an effort to stop by and visit over the summer, and if you have stuff to donate as well I'm sure that would also be appreciated.” Brad Carlson “Amazing nonprofit thrift store with all proceeds going to help families with cancer”

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