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Custom laser engraving

We do custom laser engraving.  Materials: wood, acrylic, glass, painted metals, slate... 

              (we are unable to engrave on 

 metal  unless it is painted)

Wood signs, plaques, mirrors, drink glasses, mugs, flasks, key chains an

Announce coming events


OCTOBER 19th, 2019 

Silent auction


Food and Much More!


Google 5 Star Reviews:

Dustin Mollert 4 weeks ago

It takes courage,  honor, belief and a lot of heart to dedicate this kinda time to accomplish these goals. I haven't been to this store yet but,  my mother did a lot of raising money for cancer and lost her own battle to cancer a few years back. I appreciate what your doing! Keep up the great work! God bless.

Janice Reich 14 weeks ago

Wonderful! This woman has a great vision and I have no doubts that she will fulfill it. She is helping those affected by cancer on a grass roots level. This is a true non-profit, unlike the Goodwills and Savers, etc who operate under the public's assumption that they are non-profit, when in reality they are completely for-profit organizations, making millions and steadily raising prices on their goods. Angels Joining Forces has just started up, try to make an effort to stop by and visit over the summer, and if you have stuff to donate as well I'm sure that would also be appreciated.

Brad Carlson 17 weeks ago

Amazing nonprofit thrift store with all proceeds going to help families with cancer

Current Deals

Clothing Sales posted on FACEBOOK Page.  Http://Facebook.com/angels.joining.forces

WE BEAT EVERYBODY ON PRICES!!  We are not here to get rich only to help cancer patients.  We keep our prices low. 

Check out the store for our HUGE selection of laser engravings donated by AJ's Custom Engraving

Mission: Angels Joining Forces is helping cancer patients.

Where does the money go?  

We will help cancer patients with bills, and fund raising as well as marketing for the fund raising.